Say It with Pearls From Black Owned Brands

Pearls have been recognized as precious gems for centuries. Pearls symbolize many things across cultures, but broadly express love, wealth, and wisdom. Traditionally, pearls have been worn more for formal and special occasions, and by the mature and elite. Nowadays however, pearl jewelry is trending across diverse and modern fashion genres. You can find pearls intertwined with urban and street wear, and increasingly worn by millennials, men, and Generations X and Z, where pearls are styled according to interest and occasion. You can mix pearls with other jewelry and accessories, or wear them as a centerpiece. Though pearls are commonly thought of as white or cream, cultured and natural pearls are available in many colors; and you will find this diversity among black owned brands.

Pearls make a great Valentine’s Day gift or self treat! In this post, we review the following types of pearl jewelry.

  1. Cultured/Natural Pearls
  2. Fashion/Faux Pearls

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Cultured/Natural Pearls

    • Jada Gems1 (advertisement) has a diverse selection of  freshwater pearl earrings. 

    • Mateo (advertisement) offers a large and diverse selection of pearl jewelry across a variety of platforms.  These include the following.

      • White Space Jewelry offers a selection of pearl jewelry on Catbird (advertisement).

      Fashion/Faux Pearls

      • Andrea Lamar offers a large selection of pearl jewelry that includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. 

      In reviewing these pearl gems, I hope you find one or more that work for you.

      Happy shopping!

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      * Pearls come in many varieties for which you should verify with the vendor before purchasing. 


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