Afrocentric Expressions from Black Owned Brands

By Magda Ehlers from Pexels

In this post, we celebrate Afrocentrism as we look forward to black history month 2022. There is so much to learn and appreciate about black culture and history. And though our focus is on black culture and businesses year round, each February especially, we recognize how much remains to be learned and unlearned.

Afrocentrism involves centering one’s beliefs and practices around traditional African values and practices.  That is, what existed prior to colonization. This involves appreciating the continuity between our own individuality with these values and practices. In this post, we review the contributions, artwork, and products of our sponsors in celebration of Afrocentric expressions.  

Some of the following are affiliate links.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  This means that Shop With Leslie will receive a commission, should you use the advertisements in making a purchase. 

Accented Glory offers diverse products embellished with cowrie shells, which have long standing meaning in African culture.  Today they symbolize prosperity and fertility. Check out their Instagram page HERE, where you will find headbands, bracelets, chokers, and MORE.

AfroKids offers programming that connects children and youth to their cultural heritage. They offer programming through Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Android TV. The Six Kingdoms of Africa program provides content on ancient African civilizations.

Also, a Meltrek: Exploring Ancient Africa DVD looks at the adventures of a group of kids as they go back in time to pre-diaspora Africa.

African masks are integral to African rituals and ceremonies. The artwork of Stephanie Hill Ross showcases African masks in her “heritage glow” collection where you can find tee shirts, wraps, leggings, face masks, and MORE. A similar “heritage party” collection is available.

Recently, the work of Stephanie Hill Ross was featured in a virtual art exhibit for Black History Month through the city of Detroit.

YBE specializes in African attire, accessories, and beauty products.  These include the following.

Check out their Instagram page HERE

In reviewing our sponsors and their Afrocentric offerings, I hope you find one or more products that work for you.

Happy shopping!

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