Track and Sweat Suits from Black Owned Brands

black people in track and sweat suits
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Updated February 24, 2023

Tracksuits, jogger sets and sweatsuits with matching or color coordinated tops and bottoms are trending.  You see them in several textiles such as cotton, polyester, and even velour.  This type of athleisure wear is useful for a variety of purposes including fitness, travel, running errands, social gatherings, working from home, and attending events.  In this post, we review diverse offerings from black owned brands.  You will find MANY styles, colors, and textiles, as well as affordable prices.  See the company and product links below.

Some of the following are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This means at no cost to you, Shop With Leslie will receive a commission, should you use the advertisements in making a purchase.

Shop With Leslie has sweat suit separates that include melanin formula hoodies and sweatshirts. Matching/complementing joggers with the same colors and fabric are available. 

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  • Akoo Clothing (advertisement) has an extensive selection of sweat suits in diverse graphics and colors. Be sure to use the code SHOPWITHLESLIEBLOG for a 10% discount.

  • Negash on Amazon (advertisement) offers a selection of lightweight and waterproof sweat sauna suits.

  • Black Men Smile offers a honey oat colored jogger set made of 52% airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, and 48% poly fleece. 

  • The Black Man Can has a selection of hoodies, sweatshirts, and matching joggers with the company emblem.



  • Nina Parker @ Macy’s (advertisement) has several jogger and track suit separates in different colors and textiles. 

  • Öfuurë (advertisement) offers jogger sets in their QUEEN collection.  Sets are 100% cotton, have Ankara accents, and are available in multiple colors and styles.  

  • Jolie Noir has sweatpants, hoodies, and joggers in a variety of colors and prints.

In reviewing these athleisure wear options, I hope you find one or more that work for you.

Happy shopping!

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