Set Off Summer With Shorts From Black Owned Brands

A black woman wearing shorts
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Shorts are a summer staple, and in this post we review shorts from black owned brands.  These include everyday shorts that are casual and comfortable for running errands, shopping, lounging around the house or yard, and hanging out with family and friends.  We also review chic and dressy shorts for nights out on the town and more upscale events.

You will find separates, shorts with a matching top or blazer, as well as diverse textiles and patterns (e.g., Ankara prints, linen, cotton and leather).  You will also find regular and plus sizes. 

  1. Casual and Comfortable
  2. Chic and Dressy

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Casual and Comfortable

  • Good American (advertisement) has a large selection of denim shorts in blue, black, and white.  Bermuda length and plus size shorts are available. 

  • Trendi Fashions Boutique (advertisement) offers shorts in prints and solids.  Shorts in diverse textiles (e.g., denim, polyester, and PU leather) are available.

  • Wax and Wonder (advertisement) has “body kind” African print shorts to fit your curves.  African print “Bahama style” shorts and elastic waist (with a drawstring) shorts are also available.  Regular and plus sizes are offered and you can select among several African prints. 

Chic & Dressy

  • Gracemade (advertisement) offers a selection of ethically made and solid colored shorts (cotton/linen/rayon blends), and reversible matching tops.  Shorts have elastic in the waist.

  • Öfuurë (advertisement) offers a large selection of Ankara print shorts with matching tops and blazers.  Regular and plus sizes are available.  Use our links and get a discount at checkout!  

  • Kiya Tomlin offers a draped short in jersey fabric that falls just above the knee.  It is available in several solid colors.  Plus size options and matching tops are available.

  • Sika’a offers a selection of dress shorts that are longer in length.
    • Cuffed plaid shorts in a wool/linen blend
    • Cuffed sunbursts shorts made of cotton and elastane

  • Tracy Nicole offers a selection of wide leg shorts (knee length) in several solid colors.  Plus size options are available, and matching tops made of the same material (vortex/nylon/spandex) are available. 


In reviewing these shorts I hope you find one or more that work for you. Happy shopping!

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