Sunglasses, UV Protection, and Black Owned Brands

National Sunglasses Day, brought to you by The Vision Council is June 27. The purpose is to promote the importance of wearing sunglasses with enough ultraviolet (UV) protection throughout the year. UV protection is important for eye health in that it safeguards against vision deterioration, eye cancer, and cataracts. In choosing sunglasses, look for labels such as UV400 or 100% UV protection. These labels can be found on stickers attached to sunglasses, and in product and company descriptions.

Neither price, color, tint, nor darkness of the lens are relevant to sufficient UV protection. One hundred percent UV protection can be found with lighter, darker, inexpensive, and expensive sunglasses. Price is affected by the quality of materials (e.g., type, durability, and scratch resistant).

Also some styles are more protective. These include “wraparound” style sunglasses that protect the outer edges of the eyes (pictured below) and sunglasses with larger frames as they provide more coverage. In this post, we review sunglasses labeled UV400 and 100% UV protection from black owned brands. See the links below and product tabs for more information.

Wraparound Style Sunglasses

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  • Nroda (advertisement) offers a diverse selection of sunglasses.  These include wraparound styled goggles, aviator styled and bumblebee embellished sunglasses, and even more sunglasses in a variety of shapes and styles.  Nroda incorporates luxury materials into their designs such as crystals and fine metals. Sunglasses come with 100% UV protection, a microfiber pouch, and hard clam shell case.  

  • Trendi Fashions Boutique (advertisement) offers a diverse selection of UV400 sunglasses.   These include oversized, cat-eye, and mirrored sunglasses.  Use our links for a discount.  Some favorites include the following:
    • The RockStarr cat-eye available in leopard prints and solid colors;
    • The Best of Both Worlds cat-eye available in different lens/frame combinations; and
    • The Hey Sunshine shield style with several lens colors. 

  • 3rd Eye View offers a selection of UV 400 sunglasses that are available in multiple colors. 

  • Burkinabaé offers designs based on the culture of Burkina Faso including sunglasses with 100% UV protection.  These include the following:

  • Bôhten offers sunglasses in diverse styles and textiles. You can choose from among several lenses with 100% UV protection. 


  • Empower Frames offers UV400 sunglasses that are available with different frame/lens combinations. 

  • Vuliwear offers a selection of sunglasses with multicolored lenses that provide 100% UV protection.

In reviewing these products, I hope you find sunglasses that work for you.

Happy shopping!

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