Great Sales on Home Decor from Black Owned Brands

In this post we review great sales on home decor from black owned brands. These include items for all over the house such as rugs and bedding. While the primary focus is on items that are reduced by 50% or more, we also include honorable mentions, which are generally sale items reduced near or at 40%.

Some of the sales are from our affiliates and noted as “advertisements.” This means at no cost to you, Shop With Leslie will receive a commission, should you use the links in making a purchase.

  • Bougie Luminaries offers several candles at 50% off.  Candles are made of natural virgin coconut crème wax, and come in a collectible and decorated 8oz. paint can.  A paint can opener is included.  They also have pinup art decor on sale for between 66% and 80% off. 

  • Lakay Designs (advertisement) offers a large selection of shower curtains at more than 60% off, as well as shower curtains reduced by a little over 40%.  These include “get naked” and culturally themed shower curtains.  Lakay Designs also offers round and square rugs on sale for 50% off and more.   Finally, they have a large selection of three piece comforter sets and eight piece comforters sets on sale for around 40% off.  There is an additional 20% off eight piece comforter sets, when using the code Lakay20 at checkout.

  • Pure Euphoria Candles offers several candles at or near 50% off, that are made of natural coconut wax.  Candles do NOT contain paraffin, phthalates, or dyes.

  • Society6 (advertisement) is having a “July 4th” sale with 40% off wall art (e.g., artists and canvas prints, textured and wood wall hangings).  Below you can find the wall decor of black artists on society6 that are also listed on our site.

In reviewing these sale items on home goods, I hope you find something that works for you.

Happy shopping!

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