Put on a Fedora Hat from a Black Owned Brand

A woman wearing a fedora hat in front of several fedora hats on a wall.  A man wearing a fedora hat.
Photo Credits: RODNAE Productions  &  Marcelo Chagas 

Fedora hats are a classic and work for men and women. Fedora hats are defined by a soft brim and a pinched indentation in the front crown, with an oval patterned crease atop the hat. Fedoras have been popular (on and off) within the African American community since the 1930s, where they gained popularity with the rise of the zoot suit worn by comedians and jazz musicians such as Cab Calloway. Fedora hats are versatile and can be worn with suits, dresses, jeans, and a variety of casual clothing. Fedora hats are great for cooler weather and summer nights.

In this post, you will find fedora hats from black owned brands. You will find them in many textiles, colors, and sizes, and with decorative embellishments. The similar “trilby hat” is also featured. Find a range of price points that start less than $50.00.

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  • Geaux Chapeaux Millinery (advertisement) offers a selection of fedora hats for men and women in several textiles (e.g., wool, velvet, and straw) and colors that are embellished with decorative materials. 

    • Handcrafts 254 (advertisement) has a selection of fedoras for men and women that are embellished with beads around the brim and crown. 

    • Hat Stacks Online (advertisement) offers a selection of fedoras in several textiles that are embellished with rhinestones, feathers, and more. 

    • Lack Of Heads (advertisement) offers a selection of fedora hats for men and women in diverse colors, textiles and embellishments.

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    • Very Prissy (advertisement) has hand painted fedoras that include the shape of the African continent. 

    • American Hats offers a diverse selection of fedoras for men and women.

    • Dapper Renaissance offers men’s fedoras in diverse materials, styles, and colors that are distinguished by fine wood brims.  Hats are available in several sizes. 

    • Dresscode Boutique offers a Monaco vibes fedora made of worsted fiber and wool, that is available in several colors. 

    • Frances Grey has a selection of fedoras in several colors and textiles.  Hats are available in different sizes.  Select styles are available at Nordstrom (advertisement). 

    • Fruition Hat Company has an extensive selection of hats which include fedoras.  Fedoras for men and women are available in several sizes.

    • Jon Narcisso offers a variety of luxury hats, including fedoras. Custom fitting is available.

    • Lavish Blanc has a large selection of wool fedoras for men and women.

    • Wear Brims offers luxury hats including fedoras in several sizes and colors.  Hats are constructed of premium wool.  

    In reviewing these fedora hats, I hope you find one or more that work for you.

    Happy shopping!

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