Cargo Pants for Him and Her from Black Owned Brands

Cargo pants have been trending all year. Cargo pants are known for having multiple and deep pockets, and for being functional and great for travel.  In this post, we review cargo pants for women and men from black owned brands. There are many options. See the company links and product tabs below for details.

Cargo Pants for Women

Cargo Pants for Men

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Cargo Pants for Women

  • Good American (advertisement) offers a diverse selection of cargo pants.  These include classic and jogger styles.  Some styles are available in multiple colors such as black and brown.

  • Öfuurë (advertisement) offers a selection of African print jogger styled cargo pants.  See their trousers and shorts and use our links for a 10% discount

Cargo Pants for Men

  • Good Man Brand has cargo/utility styled pants at Nordstrom (advertisement).  Several color options are available. 

  • Folklore (advertisement) offers cargo pants with two side pockets and an afro minimalist aesthetic.

In reviewing these cargo pants, I hope you find one or more pairs that work for you.

Happy shopping!

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To learn more about the cargo pants trend, check out the following.

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