Bodysuits For Women From Black Owned Brands

A black woman wearing a cream colored bodysuit
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In this post we feature bodysuits for women from black owned brands.  Bodysuits have been trending for awhile, and have elevated to a wardrobe staple.  Here you will find plenty of bodysuits from black owned brands, and in a variety of colors, styles, and textures.  These include solids and prints, and bodysuits with varying sleeve lengths (spaghetti, tank, short and long), turtlenecks and more.

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  • Good American (advertisement) has an extensive selection of bodysuits that include long sleeved and tank tops, turtlenecks and blouses.  Bodysuits are available in multiple colors (e,g, navy and black).

  • Karl Kani (advertisement) has a selection of bodysuits in several colors (e.g., black and white) and styles (e.g. thong). 

  • Laquan Smith on Revolve (advertisement) has a diverse selection of bodysuits that include lace, turtlenecks, sequins, and thong bottoms. 

  • Nina Parker @ Macy’s(advertisement) has a selection of bodysuits in several colors and textures. This includes ribbed and thong bottom bodysuits.

  • Re Ona on Revolve (advertisement) has a selection of diverse bodysuits including off the shoulder styles. 

  • Rebdolls (advertisement) has an extensive selection of bodysuits in solids and prints (e.g., black leopard print).  Many textures and styles are available in their clothing section. 

Advertisement (Moisturizing Lip Gloss Oils from Laws of Nature Cosmetics a Black Owned Brand)

  • Black Owned has a vintage styled black panther stretchy long sleeved bodysuit in several colors. 

  • Chic & Curvy has an extensive selection of bodysuits that include solids and prints, long and short sleeved, and various textures.  Several bodysuits are part of a two piece set.


  • Emmerie has bodysuits in diverse textures and styles (e.g., velvet, one shoulder).  

  • Gritty Soul has a large selection of bodysuits in diverse styles, textures, and colors (e.g., cut outs, one shoulder, and animal prints). 

  • Prissy Duck has bodysuits in several styles and colors (e.g., one shoulder, long sleeved, black and white). Prissy Duck has inclusive sizes and lengths that cater to tall women.

  • S By Serena has a selection of bodysuits in tank and short sleeved styles. Neutral colors (e.g., black, beige, and brown along with black and white) are available. 

In reviewing these bodysuits, I hope you find one or more that work for you.

Happy shopping!

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