Earth Day Everyday With Sustainable Fashion from Black Owned Brands

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In this post, we review sustainable fashion practices and sustainable fashion options from black owned brands. According to, the theme for 2023 is “Invest in Our Planet.” There are several ways to do this, and one way is through sustainable fashion. defines this as the need to “learn about the impacts of fashion, the importance of sustainable fashion, and to commit to responsible consumption.” This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Buying clothing made of natural materials such as organic cotton, linen, and hemp;
  2. Purchasing clothing made of 100% recycled fabrics (e.g., recycled polyester, recycled nylon); and
  3. Buying second hand or vintage clothing. 

Consumers are also encouraged to research the brands they support for their transparency regarding sustainable practices.  While some may believe that online shopping is more damaging to the environment than brick and mortar shopping, according to Martina Igini at, the negative impact of online shopping has more to do with fast shipping and returns.  Fast shipping often results in deliveries made by non full or half empty vehicles.  High volumes of packaging materials from both shipping and returns also contribute to carbon dioxide emissions. 

According to a MIT study by Dimitri Weideli in 2013, the impact of online shopping on the environment can be less than that of brick and mortar stores, when online shoppers reduce their use of packaging materials.  This includes such things as having several items shipped together in one container, opposed to arriving separately, even when it means waiting longer to receive purchases.  Also, minimizing returns which requires additional packaging and transportation, positively impacts the environment.  Returned items also have a higher chance of ending up in landfills.   Physically returning items to the brick and mortar store however, increases the chances that said items will become a part of the store’s inventory for repurchase. 

Reducing or eliminating one’s use of expedited shipping (e.g., overnight or two day) supports delivery vehicles operating at full capacity, and the need for fewer deliveries which reduces greenhouse gasses.  One could also pickup deliveries from a central brick and mortar location, assuming it is nearby. Instead of deliveries to several locations, more deliveries are made to one location.

Obviously I have a vested interest in online shopping as it relates to supporting black owned brands.  That said, one can shop black owned online, and incorporate eco friendly practices.  In this post, we review the following types of clothing from black owned brands.

  1. Clothing made of environmentally friendly fabrics
  2. Vintage Clothing

Some of the following are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This means at no cost to you, Shop With Leslie will earn a commission, should you use the advertisements in making a purchase. 

Clothing Made of Eco Friendly Fabrics

  • Goodee (advertisement) has apparel (i.e.,  lounge pants, hoodies, and sleepwear) made of 100% organic cotton. 

  • Gracemade (advertisement) offers a variety of clothing options made of or with organic cotton, deadstock fabric (i.e., leftover fabrics which otherwise would be thrown away), and linen.  Use the code “shopleslie” for a 15% discount. 

  • Galerie. LA has a selection of clothing made of or with organic cotton and hemp.

  • Hope For Flowers has a variety of clothing made from 100% organic cotton and 100% organic linen, as well as cupro (cotton waste).  Select products are available at Anthropologie (advertisement).  

  • Studio 189 has a diverse selection of clothing made of organic cotton (i.e., skirts, shirts, and trousers).


Vintage Clothing

  • Beauty Toast (advertisement) has a large selection of vintage clothing, especially blazers, jackets and coats. 

  • Erst While Style (advertisement) has a selection of vintage clothing from from the 1910s through the 1980s, with many classic pieces and dresses. 

  • Frye Vintage Clothing (advertisement) has a diverse selection of vintage clothing including reworked (upcycled) crop tops and jackets.

  • Volere Vintage has an extensive selection of sequin and beaded dresses and tops.  

  • Mofomelon Vintage offers a diverse selection of clothing from the 1950s though 1980s.

  • Neutral Ground offers vintage clothing that is well made, unique, and collectible.

In reviewing the sustainable fashion options in this post, I hope you find one or more products that work for you. 

Happy Earth Day 2023!  Happy shopping!

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