Shop with Leslie is designed to promote and explore the use of black owned products.  This journey began in November of 2016 as I was shopping for holiday gifts.  As I searched for black owned products, I became overwhelmed with the number of companies, independent entrepreneurs, and the variety of products (e.g., accessories, jewelry, timepieces, cleaning, and laundry). So, I started categorizing this information into one list.   At that time, I distributed this list only to family and friends.  After the holidays, I kept searching and decided to create my website, Shop with Leslie.  I wanted to create a central site where anyone could EASILY find black owned products by category.  In general, I used the following two criteria:

  1. Companies and entrepreneurs that have developed, designed (or curated) products under their own label, and sell these products online through their company or a designated website;
  2. Companies I designated as “black owned” by reviewing existing lists and databases, examining the information provided on company websites, reviewing information on social and other media, attending events showcasing black owned products, and through meeting business owners.

Blog posts are designed to be an information highway towards finding a specific type of good. The focus on specific products simplifies the search, and allows you to evaluate options.  My sincere hope is that you enjoy learning about these companies and entrepreneurs, and identify products that meet your everyday and special occasion needs.

I welcome comments (through the contact link), and view this site as a work in progress.

Thanks for visiting!


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