This category includes primarily facial, skin, or body care products.  Personal care items (e.g., deodorant, shaving products) are also included.  There are 175+ companies listed.

Product lines that note either personal care items or products for men are noted by an asterisk (*)Product lines indicating items for infants, children or youth are noted by a heart (♥).

Some of the following are affiliate links.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  For these advertisements, at no cost to you, Shop With Leslie will receive a commission should you use the links in making a purchase.

Aromaology (advertisement)

Debonair Beard Co. (advertisement)  Use the code DBC10 for a 10% discount. 

Emmaus Beauty (advertisement)

Garden Storey (advertisement)

Garner's Garden (advertisement)

Garner's Garden on Amazon (advertisement)

Hue Girlsz (advertisement)

JDNatLadysCreations (advertisement)

Lizzie's All Natural Products (advertisement) Use the code LESLIE for a 5% discount.

Lovely Bright Smile (advertisement)

Luv Scrub @ Nordstrom's (advertisement)

MatureKinkyCreations * (advertisement)

MelakuAromatherapy * ♥ (advertisement)

NaturesBeautiBar (advertisement)

Netanyah's Candles & Soaps (advertisement)

Olivia Rose Co. (advertisement)

Oui the People (advertisement)

Queens on Purpose (advertisement)

Smell Good Spa (advertisement)

Soaps and Butters LA (advertisement)

Tafah Oil (advertisement)

The Honey Pot (advertisements) is available @ Bed, Bath & Beyond, Urban Outfitters, Meijer & Walgreens

The Honey Pot is also available on Amazon. 

Unsun (advertisement)


BeautyStat on Amazon (advertisement)

Ivyees on Amazon (advertisement)

Scotch Porter * (advertisement)

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