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Bath and Body

Shampoo Bars From Black Owned Brands

Shampoo bars are convenient, cost-effective, and good for the environment. Shampoo bars take up less space and are great for travel. They are also durable, and can last for up to 80 washes. Consistent with zero waste practices, less processing is required for the production of shampoo bars, and they come in smaller and paper…Read more »

Essential, Argan, & Moringa Oils from Black Owned Brands

Essential oils are extracted from plants (e.g., lavender and tea tree) using a variety of methods.  They are called “essential” because they reflect the “essence” of the plant.  Essential oils are used for many things such as aromatherapy.  Inhaling essential oils such as lavender may aid with sleep and headaches.  Others such as lemon may…Read more »

Bug Spray from Black Owned Brands

Bug spray is a necessity during hot weather, and you have options from black owned brands.  These bug sprays tend to be deet free, and incorporate natural ingredients with bug repellent qualities.  Examples include eucalyptus, citronella, tea tree, lavender, neem, and more.  Information regarding “natural” bug repellents is provided in the references.  Some of the…Read more »

Caring for the Hands With Black Owned Brands

Hand hygiene is important in keeping viruses, germs, and infections at bay.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) one should wash their hands for at least 20 seconds.  Keeping the hands well moisturized is also necessary.  Washing one’s hands frequently can lead to cracked skin which can also increase your risk…Read more »

A mortar and pestle containg herbs to symbolize the natural ingredients in healthful deodorants

Natural and Healthful Deodorants From Black Owned Brands

 There are many (40+) deodorant options linked in this post from black owned brands.  They are made with healthful and natural ingredients.  These include arrow root, burdock root, baking soda, coconut oil, magnesium oil, charcoal, aloe vera, Shea butter, beeswax, and essential oils.  Some of these deodorants are specifically designated for men.  There have been…Read more »

Talc FREE Powder Products From Black Owned Brands

Graham Hunt Here you can explore talc free body powders from black owned brands. Powders made with natural and healthful ingredients are featured. See the company links and product tabs below. The controversies surrounding talcum powder stem from the link between talc and ovarian cancer when used in the genital area, and between talc and…Read more »

Get the Benefits of Coconut Oil from Black Owned Brands

 Jonas Dücker Coconut oil is extracted from the white flesh within the coconut.  The oil is a common ingredient in lotion, soap, and other beauty goods.  It also has many uses as a stand alone product.  This includes makeup removal as coconut oil serves the dual purpose of breaking down dirt and water repellent substances…Read more »

Pomades From Black Owned Brands

Pomade is an age-old hair styling product used for many purposes.  These include creating and maintaining waves, locs, and twist styles.  Pomades are also used to add shine, moisturize, nourish the hair and scalp, lengthen curl patterns, and hold styles in place.  Pomades from black owned brands are plentiful including those for wet and dry…Read more »

Take (Oral) Care With Black Owned Brands

Oral care is a routine part of our health and hygienic practices, and in doing so there are plenty of opportunities to support black owned brands.  This includes toothbrush replacement as the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends replacing one’s toothbrush every 3 – 4 months.  In reviewing black owned companies with oral care products, I…Read more »

Sunscreen Products from Black Owned Brands

Although individuals with darker skin have some natural protection against sunburn, the extent of protection depends on the amount of pigmentation.  Irregardless, it is important to protect your skin year round, especially when spending prolonged periods outside.  Though a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 may work, depending on the extent of sun exposure, the…Read more »

Take (Facial) Care With Black Owned Brands

Facial care products from black owned brands are numerous (100+) and in this post you will find companies offering cleansers, day, and night moisturizers, serums, exfoliants, and masks. Caring for the face is one of the most fundamental aspects of a women’s beauty regiment. We want to keep our face clean, fresh looking, and vibrant…Read more »

Get The Benefits Of Goat’s Milk Soap From Black Owned Brands

 unsplash-logoKristina Balić There are SEVERAL choices of goat’s milk soap from black owned brands.  Check out the company and product links below. Goat’s milk is different from cow’s milk in several ways.  Goat’s milk contains higher levels of magnesium, potassium, and lactic acid; and the fat particles are smaller.  Goat’s milk also contains ample amounts…Read more »

Get the Benefits of Castor Oil through Black Owned Brands

When selecting a castor oil, consider the black owned brands presented below.   Castor oil is extracted from the seeds of the plant Ricinis communis.  According to Black, castor oil has many uses.  These include uses for health and beauty.  Castor oil helps with managing split ends, treating skin conditions such as acne, pain…Read more »

Children and Youth

On and Off Line Learning for Children & Youth with Black Owned Brands

When children and youth are out of school it is important to keep them engaged in learning.  Loss of learning typically happens over the summer when children and youth do not retain varying degrees of knowledge from the previous school year.  This may be especially so in 2020 because of COVID 19 disruptions (e.g., switching…Read more »

Find Positive Role Models and Narratives, Cultural Representation and Edutainment, with Afrokids

Positive role models in media have the potential to be transformative.  Role models by definition influence what children and youth do, what they think about, their goals, and values.  Mainstream media has not served the black community well in providing positive role models.  Instead, there are pervasive representations of negative stereotypes; and there is a…Read more »

STEM Books for Children & Youth From Black Publishers and Authors

In this post, we review STEM books by black owned publishers and authors on this site and beyond that teach about STEM concepts and promote a positive STEM identity. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) skills are a gateway to 21st century opportunities and success.  In encouraging children and youth to engage with STEM content,…Read more »

Enrichment Activities for Youth from Black Owned Brands

 Lonely Planet In this post, we present 75+ enrichment activities from black owned brands, with a focus on elementary and middle school youth.  These include a variety of apps, board games, puzzles, flash cards, work/activity books and more.  See the following descriptions and products for details.  They can be used to promote skill development all…Read more »

Get Babies’ Onesies On From Black Owned Brands

Over the last two decades, specific dates in September have been in the top 5 for birthdays.  This got me thinking about babies and baby showers.  The focus of this post therefore will be onesies, as these are practical and easy to wear.  There are many stylish and fun options (100+) from black owned brands.…Read more »

School Supplies From Black Owned Brands

As the end of summer approaches, you may be in the market for notebooks, backpacks, and other supplies for the start of the school year.  As such there are culturally representative options from black owned brands.  See the following companies and product links for more details. Some of the following are affiliate links. As an…Read more »

Clothing and Accessories

Find Your Scarf from a Black Owned Brand

Scarves add color, texture, and interest to outfits (including outerwear). In this post, we feature loads of scarves from black owned brands. You will find a variety of colors, prints, and textures including silk, cashmere, cotton, and crochet. A separate section has scarves for men. See the company links and product tabs for details. Some…Read more »

Cargo Pants for Him and Her from Black Owned Brands

Cargo pants have been trending all year. Cargo pants are known for having multiple and deep pockets, and for being functional and great for travel.  In this post, we review cargo pants for women and men from black owned brands. There are many options. See the company links and product tabs below for details. Cargo…Read more »

Halloween Apparel and Accessories, Nail Art, and Home Decor from Black Owned Brands

In this post we review Halloween themed apparel, accessories, and home decor from black owned brands. You will find tees and sweatshirts, earrings, totes, head wear, face-masks, Halloween nails (e.g., press on and decals), along with wreaths, centerpieces, and door mats to help make your Halloween celebration special. Go directly to any of the categories…Read more »

Puffer Jackets & Coats from Black Owned Brands

Puffer jackets and coats are known for their quilt like appearance and puffiness. They are also relatively light weight and have insulation with materials that help keep you warm. They are great for everyday and casual wear. In this post, we review puffer jackets and coats from black owned brands. You will find solid colored…Read more »

Sunglasses, UV Protection, and Black Owned Brands

National Sunglasses Day, brought to you by The Vision Council is June 27. The purpose is to promote the importance of wearing sunglasses with enough ultraviolet (UV) protection throughout the year. UV protection is important for eye health in that it safeguards against vision deterioration, eye cancer, and cataracts. In choosing sunglasses, look for labels…Read more »

Celebrate Father’s Day with Tee Shirts from Black Owned Brands

In this post, we review tee shirts that promote fathers and Father’s Day from black owned brands.  Father’s Day has been around for over a century.  It was started by Sonora Smart Dodd, whose own father raised six children as a single parent.  She was commended in 2008 for recognizing the importance of fathers.  Fathers…Read more »

Set Off Summer With Shorts From Black Owned Brands

Shorts are a summer staple, and in this post we review shorts from black owned brands.  These include everyday shorts that are casual and comfortable for running errands, shopping, lounging around the house or yard, and hanging out with family and friends.  We also review chic and dressy shorts for nights out on the town…Read more »

African Feminine Flair with Black Owned Brands

African feminine flair reflects bold and jewel tone colors, and intricate patterns that symbolize the complexity, strength, and regality of feminine roles and energy.  It is represented by traditional African wax prints reflective of diverse and rich cultures, as well as flowing and feminine silhouettes.  These include ruffles, high waisted, A-line and off the shoulder…Read more »

Cork Handbags and Accessories from Black Owned Brands

A cork purse or accessory adds style and texture to an outfit. Cork accessories are also environmentally friendly. Cork is harvested from cork oak trees without cutting them down, by removing the outer layer of the tree bark. From there it is processed and used for an assortment of goods including “cork leather.” Extracting the…Read more »

Track and Sweat Suits from Black Owned Brands

Tracksuits, jogger sets and sweatsuits with matching or color coordinated tops and bottoms are trending.  You see them in several textiles such as cotton, polyester, and even velour.  This type of athleisure wear is useful for a variety of purposes including fitness, travel, running errands, social gatherings, working from home, and attending events.  In this…Read more »

Affordable Pajamas and Loungewear from Black Owned Brands

Sleep, adequate rest, and relaxation are important to the immune system and overall well being. In this post we focus on affordable pajamas and loungewear ranging from $20.00 to $100.00. Information on where to buy slippers and sleep masks is also provided. Research shows that sleep masks and ear plugs help promote Rapid Eye Movement…Read more »

Rock Your Vote With Black Owned Brands

In this post, we celebrate and encourage voting.  Voting rights has been an ongoing struggle for African Americans.  Though the 15th amendment granted African American men the right to vote in 1870, exercising that right was fraught with difficulty.  Poll taxes among other unreasonable criteria stood in the way.  Though women were guaranteed the right…Read more »

Gemstones & Crystals from Black Owned Brands

The power of gemstones and crystals to heal is informed by those who attest to their effectiveness and ancient religions such as Buddhism. Scientific evidence suggests that it is the belief in their power that matters.  These beliefs can reduce stress, boost confidence, and complement traditional medical treatment. In this post, we review raw gemstones…Read more »

Hair Flowers, Clips & Pins from Black Owned Brands

There is a renewed interest in hair flowers, clips and pins. Hair flowers were prevalent in New York Fashion Week (2019), and hair pins and clips are on display across media outlets and retail stores.  In this post we review options from black owned brands.  See the company and product links below for details.  Some…Read more »

Face Masks from Black Owned Brands

In order to help curb the spread of the coronavirus, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is recommending that people wear cloth face coverings in places where social distancing is challenging (e.g., grocery stores).  The CDC provides a video from the Surgeon General on how to make non medical grade face coverings from household items. …Read more »

Yoga Apparel and Accessories from Black Owned Brands

Practicing yoga has many benefits.  These include but are not limited to stress relief, increased flexibility, improved mental and physical health.  In this post we review several categories of products from black owned brands.  These include online classes, yoga pants and mats among other accessories and tools from black owned brands.  See the company and…Read more »

Bask In Black Girl Magic With Black Owned Brands

The phrase “Black Girl Magic” originated from the work of CaShawn Thompson in 2013 to celebrate and lend voice to the achievements and positive attributes of black women. The idea was to celebrate Black Girl Magic (e.g., poise, talents, aspirations) while also acknowledging the subversive contexts for which black women and girls navigate to glean…Read more »

Flaunt Your Femininity With The Peasant Top Trend From Black Owned Brands

You may have noticed that peasant styled tops are trending.  What does this reflect?  Flowing and loose fitting tunics and smock silhouettes, and in particular sleeves that tend to be puffy and loose.  These include the traditional puffy at the shoulders with elastic at the wrists silhouette, as well as ragland, bell,  Juliet, and tiered…Read more »

Travel (Neck) Pillows from Black Owned Brands

When traveling, one spends a lot of time sitting and sleeping, whether on a plane or in a car.  A travel (neck) pillow can make you more comfortable during your journey.  Wearing these U shaped pillows with the opening in front though may not be optimal.  Instead, changing it to accommodate your sleeping position, using…Read more »

Find Your Wristlet From A Black Owned Brand

You have several (50+) wristlet options from black owned brands.  See the companies and product links below for more details. Wristlets are convenient and multi-purpose, often big enough to hold your phone, cards, and other small items.  You can carry wristlets as a stand alone handbag, or use them to organize and store items in…Read more »

Women on the beach wearing coverups

Fun at the Beach with Black Owned Brands

As you head off to the beach consider supporting some of the 100+ beach accessories linked here from black owned brands.  There are many TYPES of accessories to make your beach time both fashionable and comfortable.  In this post we review the following. Click any category to go directly to products. Beach/basket bags Beach towels…Read more »

Two women holding hand fans

Find Hand Fans From Black Owned Brands

The blueprint for the modern day hand fan dates back to the reign of King Tut.  Long handled fans were used in religious ceremonies, conveyed wealth and influence, and served the practical purpose of cooling.  Over the millennium this evolved into smaller hand fans which again served multiple purposes (e.g., advertising and communication, self-cooling, making…Read more »

Fanny Packs and Belt Bags from Black Owned Brands

 Ksenia Varapaeva Fanny packs (also known as belt, waist, hip, and sling bags) have been trending for awhile. They are worn in several ways, including across the shoulder, cross body, around the waist with the pouch in the back, and in the traditional way with the pouch to the front or side.  Here, numerous offerings…Read more »

Trench Coats and Rain Gear from Black Owned Brands

A rainy season is inevitable in most of the world, and this requires items that keep you warm and dry.   In selecting an umbrella, trench coat, rain coat and more, you have 70+ options from black owned brands.  These include diverse items for men, women, and children.  See the following companies and product links for…Read more »

Cardigans, Shawls, and Ponchos from Black Owned Brands

Photo credits:  Rui Silvestre and Tyler Nix Though cardigans, shawls, and ponchos can be worn throughout the year, they are especially useful as the weather turns cooler.  What’s more they add style to an outfit through texture and color; and all have been trending for some time.  In this post, there are links to 100+…Read more »

Dashiki Day and Beyond with Black Owned Brands

Drew Roberts October 30 has been designated as “National Dashiki Day” where individuals not only wear dashikis but post their pictures on social media.  Find 100+ dashikis from black owned brands below.  Dashikis and other African styled clothing are also frequently worn during Black history month, and during the holidays for Kwanzaa celebrations.  African prints…Read more »

Get Your Fascinator On From Black Owned Brands

Fascinators have received renewed attention this year, and are popular world wide.  Fascinators are appropriate for many occasions throughout the year including weddings, church, teas, and other social gatherings.  It is important though to chose your fascinator(s) wisely to consider the shape of your face, outfit, hairstyle, and more.  Fortunately, you have many fascinator options…Read more »

Mother’s Day Gifts & Handbag Trends from Black Owned Brands

As Mother’s Day approaches you may be considering what item(s) can truly express the gratitude, honor, and esteem you hold for the women (e.g., mother, grandmother, aunt) who raised you.  While no tokens can fully convey these sentiments, appreciation can be expressed with a gift.  In doing so, consider the MANY hand bags from black…Read more »


Foundations for Chocolate Skin from Black Owned Brands

There has been a lot of information circulated about challenges brown and darker skin women have in finding the right shade of foundation.  Therefore I reviewed foundation options offered at 18 black owned makeup brands, and found most had foundation shades that covered the full spectrum of hues.  I counted at least 200 foundation products…Read more »

Rock Your Color with Non Traditional Makeup Looks From Black Owned Brands

Photo by 3Motional Studio from Pexels For the holidays, Halloween, and special events, you may be in the mood to wear makeup in bolder and less traditional ways.  In this post, we review glitter and loose pigments, and non traditional lipstick colors. That is, blue, green, black, and more. Some of the following are affiliate…Read more »

Setting & Finishing Sprays and Powders From Black Owned Makeup Brands

Setting and finishing sprays and powders are makeup staples. Find 50+ products from black owned brands below.   What are the differences? Setting powders are used on top of foundation and concealer, and serves to keep foundation and concealer on, as well as reduce shine.  Setting sprays on the other hand are used after makeup…Read more »

Glow With Body Shimmers From Black Owned Brands

 Jessica Felicio Body shimmers are used for illuminating the skin and have become quite popular.  Fortunately, there are many (25+) body shimmers from black owned brands that come in powder and liquid form, and that work with a range of skin tones.  See the companies and product links below for additional information. Some of the…Read more »

Eye Brow Enhancement Through Black Owned Makeup Brands

 unsplash-logoDaniel Garcia Fabulous eyebrows are desired by many, and there are 25+ brow products from black owned brands to make this happen.  These include brow pencils, gels, powders, and waxes.  See the company and product links below for additional details. Some of the following are affiliate links.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying…Read more »

Find Concealers and Correctors For Your Skin From Black Owned Brands

In this post you will find 100+ shades of concealers and correctors from black owned brands that represent the full range of melanin hues, including paraben free, vegan, and cruelty free options.  Concealers are used to minimize the appearance of dark circles under the eyes and mask skin blemishes.  In choosing a concealer you should…Read more »

Get Your Mascara On With Black Owned Makeup Brands

Mascara is a makeup staple, and there are many options from black owned brands.  In selecting a mascara, one needs to think about type, color, and one’s own preferences.   While black mascara is widespread, brown mascara is more subtle.  Types of mascaras include those which add length, volume, or both; and others that are water-proof…Read more »

Free and Low Cost Makeup Samples from Black Owned Brands

Photo by Create Her Stock Finding the right makeup is a process.  You have to figure out what colors work for you and sample products, especially when it comes to foundation.  As you do this, know there are plenty of samples offered through black owned makeup brands.  See the following companies and product links for…Read more »

Get Your Eye Lashes On from Black Owned Brands

The use of false eyelashes has become increasingly popular.  You have MANY (100+) eyelash options from black owned beauty brands as described at the end of this post.  Cosmetically, lavish lashes are striking and draw attention to the eyes.  Research suggests that eyelashes serve to protect the eyes from dryness and dust particles in the…Read more »

Makeup Primer and Remover, and Black Owned Brands

There are several options for makeup primer and remover among black owned makeup brands as described below.  This is an update from a previous post about makeup primer and remover to provide additional information about their uses, and new products.  Makeup primer and remover are considered essential elements of a beauty regiment.  Makeup primer is…Read more »

Eye Beautification with Black Owned Makeup Brands (Colored Eyeliner)

unsplash-logoJD Mason Going beyond traditional black or brown eyeliner can be a quick and easy way to enhance the eye.  In reviewing black owned makeup brands, many offer colored eyeliner products (including white) in the form of pencils (thick and thin) and liquid gels as described below. In choosing alternative eyeliner colors, there are several…Read more »

Eye Beautification with Black Owned Makeup Brands (Eye Shadow Palettes)

In this post, you will find 60+ eye shadow palettes from black owned brands.  According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, it is a good idea to switch out eye makeup every so often. Three months is recommended, especially for some types of products.  Prolonged use can result in bacterial contamination, and cause eye infections…Read more »

For Him

Gifts for Him from Black Owned Brands

In this post, we review an assortment of gifts for him from black owned brands. Curated lists of goods are provided. These include accessories, bath and body products, clothing, electronics, slippers, and watches. The following are affiliate links which means at no cost to you, Shop With Leslie will receive a commission should you use…Read more »

Polo Shirts for Him from Black Owned Brands

Polo shirts are a wardrobe staple.  Defined by the collar and “placket” neckline with two to three buttons at the top, polo shirts are great for the golf course, business casual events, and more.  Though usually short sleeved they may be longed sleeved as well.  As polo shirts are comfortable to wear and versatile, they…Read more »

Grooming Products for Men from Black Owned Brands

In this post the focus is on black owned brands providing grooming products (100+) designated for men.  In reviewing these companies, I saw a pattern of healthful practices (e.g., handcrafted products, use of natural ingredients) along with competitive prices.  I encourage you to take the time to explore these wonderful products created by innovative and…Read more »

For The Home

Figurines, Busts, Sculptures & Statues from Black Owned Brands

It is the small things that add personality and texture to a space. In this post, you will find black figurines, Roman styled among other busts, sculptures and statues from black owned brands. Display them on a shelf, coffee table, or counter, and add culture and elegance to your decor. You have many options from…Read more »

Boho Style Wall Decor from Black Owned Brands

Boho style reflects worldly travels and artifacts, as well as diverse and natural textures within a space (e.g., rattan,  macramé, and plants).  In this post we focus on wall decor that manifests boho style from black owned brands.  This includes wall baskets, rattan mirrors, juju hat wall decor, macramé wall hangings, macramé plant hangers, fiber…Read more »

Get Your Barbecue On With Black Owned Brands

Summertime especially is the season for barbecue festivities among family and friends.  In this post, you will find just about everything you need to host and enjoy a barbecue with goods from black owned brands.  Click and go directly to any of the following products. Barbecue Ribs and Meats  Plant Based Meat  Beans Bread Cold…Read more »


Say It with Pearls From Black Owned Brands

Pearls have been recognized as precious gems for centuries. Pearls symbolize many things across cultures, but broadly express love, wealth, and wisdom. Traditionally, pearls have been worn more for formal and special occasions, and by the mature and elite. Nowadays however, pearl jewelry is trending across diverse and modern fashion genres. You can find pearls…Read more »

Treat Yourself To A Statement Choker or Collar Necklace from a Black Owned Brand

Statement chokers and collar necklaces are trending. With the holidays right around the corner, consider how wearing one would enhance your look in dresses, sweaters, and on Zoom. You will find many bold, innovative, and colorful pieces in this post from black owned brands. These include brass, beaded, fabric, up- and re-cycled, as well as…Read more »

Fine Gold Jewelry From Black Owned Brands

Fine jewelry sales have seen an uptick in recent months, and gold jewelry is a great long term investment.  Since January 2000, the price of gold has increased by more than 400%.  The profitability of this investment depends on many things such as craftsmanship, rarity, aesthetics, and purity.  Generally 24 karats (pure gold) is more…Read more »

Ear Cuffs (and clip on earrings) From Black Owned Brands

Ear cuffs have been trending for some time, and there are many options from black owned brands. A nice thing about ear cuffs is that no piercing is required.  Similarly, we provide information on where you can find non pierced (clip on) earrings.  See the company and product links below for details.  Some of the…Read more »

Head and Crown Jewelry from Black Owned Brands

Head adornments are an African tradition.  Find more than 50 black owned head and crown jewelry items below! Crown jewelry goes back thousands of years and reflects several African cultures, not limited to the ancient Egyptians, Amazigh of North Africa, and the Maasai.  Intricate hairstyles (e.g., cornrows and locks) in addition to head wraps adorned…Read more »

Sterling Silver Jewelry from Black Owned Brands

Juan Manuel Merino In our view, sterling silver jewelry is always fashionable.  It is also long-lasting and less expensive than gold.  In shopping for sterling silver, it is important to recognize authentic labels.  Sterling silver is 92.5% silver and often denoted as 925.  Jewelry labeled as “sterling” is another indicator.  Silver plated jewelry on the…Read more »

Trending Jewelry and Moderate Prices from Black Owned Brands

You will find hundreds of fabulous jewelry products in this post at low to moderate prices! See the companies and product links below.   Jewelry trends for men and women in 2019 have been described as “maximal.”  That is, big, stacked, and embellished.  These include large and layered chains, coin and charm jewelry,  large hoop, feather,…Read more »

Special Days and Holidays

Juneteenth Reflections: Stereotypes and Safeguarding Our Rights

Juneteenth 2021 will mark 155 years of celebration for American Descendants of Slaves (ADOS). Juneteenth should also be a time of reflection regarding how our freedoms were lost and reclaimed. In the 1600s and beyond, Europeans, in their quest to enslave others, used Africans’ manner of dress, customs, and religious practices as a pretext. It…Read more »

Attention Shoppers and Black Business Owners: Join the Holiday Soirée

The National Association of Bench and Bar Spouses (NABBS) foundation is hosting a virtual Holiday Soirée & Gift Guide on Saturday, November 21, 2020.  Shop With Leslie is a proud sponsor of this event.  You can participate as a shopper and/or black business owner.  The NAABS Foundation is a nonprofit 501c3 organization established in 1982.   In…Read more »

Mother’s Day, Self Care & Rejuvenation with Black Owned Brands

Rejuvenate means to renew, refresh, and make younger or more lively.  Body scrubs remove dead skin cells and give it a glow, smooth rough surfaces, increase circulation and moisture absorption.  Body scrubs should be a part of your self care regiment as they also help you feel more relaxed and confident.  Exfoliants are generally made with either…Read more »

Obama Themed Merchandise From Black Owned Brands

On November 4, 2008 Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States (POTUS), and he was the first African American to hold this office.  Consequently, there have been merchandising efforts that depict his likeliness, and that of his family.  In this post we review 100+ Obama themed merchandise from black owned brands…Read more »

Sweet, Vegan, and Healthful Treats from Black Owned Brands

As the holidays set in, you may be wondering about entertaining, or what treats to bring to events including family gatherings, office parties, and the like.  There are plenty of diverse offerings from black owned brands.  In this post, we identify these by type to include the following. Cakes Chocolates Cookies Cupcakes Ice Cream Shakes…Read more »

Get Festive For the Holidays With Black Owned Brands

 Chris Benson With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to plan.  In this post we review Christmas and holiday themed items from black owned brands. These include accessories and clothing, tree decorations and Christmas stockings, goods for serving, entertaining, and gift wrapping.  Greeting cards and pieces for celebrating Kwanzaa are included.  See the…Read more »

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