Get The Benefits Of Goat’s Milk Soap From Black Owned Brands

 unsplash-logoKristina Balić There are SEVERAL choices of goat’s milk soap from black owned brands.  Check out the company and product links below. Goat’s milk is different from cow’s milk in several ways.  Goat’s milk contains higher levels of magnesium, potassium, and lactic acid; and the fat particles are smaller.  Goat’s milk also contains ample amounts…Read more »

Get the Benefits of Castor Oil through Black Owned Brands

Castor Beans Pods2 by Michele Frazier When selecting a castor oil, consider the black owned brands presented below.   Castor oil is extracted from the seeds of the plant Ricinis communis.  According to Black, castor oil has many uses.  These include uses for health and beauty.  Castor oil helps with managing split ends, treating…Read more »

Looking for Lavender? Buy Black Owned

Photo “Lavender farm” by Karen Blaha Lavender has many benefits and uses. According to Black, lavender has medicinal properties and is ideal for aromatherapy. Common uses include cleansing and stress reduction. It is ingested and applied externally for these purposes. Understandably then, lavender is widely used in bath and body products. If you are…Read more »