Great Sales On Sweaters From Black Owned Brands

Oladimeji Odunsi Sweaters are a wardrobe staple, and you can find many from black owned brands.  In this post, we present sweaters that are at least 50% off the regular price.  As usual, we will update this post with more sales items as we identify them.   See the following company and product links for additional…Read…Read more »

Great Jewelry Sales from Black Owned Brands

Photo by nappy from Pexels   In this post we provide information about great sales on jewelry from black owned brands.  The focus is 50% off or more.  Sale items include precious, semi-precious, and fashion jewelry.  Sale items include rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.  See the company and product links below for details. Precious and…Read…Read more »

Great Sales on Party & Event Dresses From Black Owned Brands

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels This month, in looking at great sales from black owned brands at 50% off or more, we focus on party and event dresses.  Products are organized by season.  You will find dresses for events year round.  Hurry as to not let these great deals slip through your fingers.  See…Read…Read more »

Great Sales in Makeup and Beauty Tools from Black Owned Brands You don’t have to go to a chain discount retailer to find great bargains on makeup and beauty tools.  You can find these at black owned brands.  Our primary focus is on “great sales” that are at least 50% off the regular price.  Our motto is “we do the legwork so you don’t have…Read…Read more »

Great Sales In Active Wear From Black Owned Brands

 Danny Kekspro At the start of the new year many people renew or create fitness goals. One aim is to be ready to look great in swimwear, shorts, and other summer clothing.  As one progresses, one can find inspiration in active wear.  Active wear should be comfortable, but it can also be fashionable and motivate…Read…Read more »

Great Sales in Swimwear from Black Owned Brands

Quality swimwear can be pricey for a variety of reasons. According to an article in Slate 2013, the design and construction of swimwear is complicated as it must conceal and flatter. Furthermore, the stretchy fabrics from which swimwear is constructed (e.g., nylon, spandex) are more difficult to assemble. Also, the fabric must be sufficiently durable…Read…Read more »