Celebrating Black Tech: Following History Into The Future

Black people have contributed to technological and scientific advances for centuries.  Their contributions have made our lives better in immeasurable ways.  One such person was Benjamin Bradley (also known as Benjamin Boardley).  Born a slave in 1836, he learned to read and write. Through self cultivated skills, he created a steam engine out of scrap…Read more »

Harriet Tubman and Underground Railroad Books from Black Publishers and Authors

Harriet Tubman (Photo in the public domain, {{PD-US-expired}} In this post, we present alternatives to seeing the movie “Harriet” scheduled for release on November 1, 2019.  This movie is steeped in controversy on several fronts.  First, the lead, Cynthia Erivo is not an American Descendant of Slaves (ADOS), but rather British and Nigerian.  Further, she…Read more »

Free and Low Cost Downloadable/Online Goods from Black Owned Brands

Michael Longmire As you wind down your holiday shopping, consider free and low cost downloadable (and online) options from black owned brands.  See the following companies and product links for  details. The table below represents SPONSORS of Shop With Leslie and we appreciate their support!  You are encouraged to click their product links and explore!…Read more »