Check out our Merch on Etsy at ShopWithLeslieBlog with positive and empowerment messages for men, women, children and youth.  These include stickers, woman’s empowerment, boho, and afro boho tshirts.   Kwanzaa sweatshirts are also featured.  The FULL list of merchandise is on Etsy.  Shipping is FREE.


Pro CHOICE/ Pro Roe 1973 Tshirts and More

Polo Shirts (Black/Golf History)

Digital Downloads/ Child Posters

Stickers (Peace, Joy, Rest, and Ease)

Gardening Tshirts – Black Girls Plant – Protecting the Planet (Earth Day everyday)

Juneteenth Tshirts

Peace, Joy, Rest and Ease Tees for Black Women

Women’s Empowerment Tees

Unisex Kwanzaa (Symbols) Sweatshirts

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