Juneteenth Reflections: Stereotypes and Safeguarding Our Rights

Juneteenth 2021 will mark 155 years of celebration for American Descendants of Slaves (ADOS). Juneteenth should also be a time of reflection regarding how our freedoms were lost and reclaimed. In the 1600s and beyond, Europeans, in their quest to enslave others, used Africans’ manner of dress, customs, and religious practices as a pretext. It…Read more »

Celebrate Juneteenth With Gardening and Black Owned Brands

In this post, we review gardening and Juneteenth products from black owned brands. These include the following.  Gardening supplies (e.g., plants, planters, gardening tools) Gardening and Juneteenth apparel and accessories Celebrating Juneteenth through gardening is a great way for American Descendants of Slaves (ADOS) to remember and honor their African roots and ancestors.  Gardening (i.e.,…Read more »